Transition your favorite Summer items to Fall! September 03 2014

As much as I do not want to admit that Summer is coming to a close -- It is.  Our pool and backyard are full of leaves, the days are getting shorter and darker earlier, and the nights are getting cooler.  The only saving grace, for me any way, is our built in fire pit that my husband worked so hard on this summer.  
Here at SCB we have been having a clearance sale for most of our Summer items in order to make room for our fall collections.  (Many of you have already snagged your deals!)  Seeing all these UH-Mazing clothes go out the door has made me think of new ideas and ways that we could wear some items throughout the year -- Some are just that awesome that I CANNOT bring myself to put them away for winter!
So, below, we put together some transition ideas for wardrobe staples, faves, and -- Some still available through tonight at midnight!
Sweet Caroline