Halloween is Friday?! October 29 2014


Anyone else have this issue??  

I have been such a busy mama the past few weeks that my once amazingly decorated for each holiday house, is missing my decorations this year.  It has become so sad that my one lonely tombstone was put back in the garage today when I winterized the yard.

This dilemma got me thinking about how in the world I can make a little more time for my littles, my husband, and myself.  As a SAHM, Stay at home Mom, I find myself never really "leaving" the office.  The lines blur from work to home life and if something comes up, I always want to handle it ASAP.  (BC I love all my Glam Gals!)

I know there are lots of other SAHM's that rock it harder than I do and keep it all organized.  What are your tips?  Teach me your ways!

Mommy hair/makeup/clothes Slump? September 30 2014

I remember in my 20's that I could NEVER (ever, ever, ever, ever!), leave the house without a full face of make-up, my hair done,  and a decent outfit.  Fast forward until recently, and I am noticing that I have less and less of a problem leaving the house in a pony, my glasses, no make-up, and a child on each hip.  Literally, my eleven year old son, who apparently has gotten so used to the hoodies and glasses, told me when I was getting ready for dinner, why he didn't understand why I had to "get dressed up".  I even recall him saying the words, embarrass me.  Yikes!  



Fashion, accessories, shoes, make-up, hair was always my passion and up until the past year, I felt like I completely have lost this in the scheme of things.  Has anyone else felt this way?  Starting Sweet Caroline has definitely opened my eyes, and almost forced me to get back into the swing.  I mean, how can I justify running to the store in pajama pants and a hoodie when I have a warehouse of clothes at my fingertips?  I just can't.

SCB tries to make things easy for our Glam Gals.  We want to not only give you pieces that work together or can be incorporated into your current wardrobe, but make it an effortless venture.  Then, the question of easy hair and make-up came to mind.  While trolling on Pinterest (I know, I don't have time to blow out my hair, but I have time to Pin.  My how priorities change!), I found this amazing little YouTube channel with easy little tips on hair and make-up.  Messy hair?  Can be done easily into a Messy Pony.  Fresh faced looks in less than 5 minutes.  Um, yes please!

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What little tips and tricks do you have up your sleeve?  Share below, I really could use them!!

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